Best Autumn Brooches

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney

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If you’d thought the brooch was forever banished to the attic with other relics from your grandmother’s time, then think again. It’s time to pull out those pins as the humble brooch makes a fashion comeback.

No longer out-of-date and out-of-style, the brooch is holding winter fashions together, even on the most trend-setting runways.

We beg you not to wear your brooch simply on your lapels but instead be a little more creative. There are a hundred-and-one places to consign a brooch for maximum cache. Waistbands, belts, chokers, hairbands and evening bags are but a few such strategic locations.

But what sort of brooches should you be wearing you ask? Well, with the advent of Autumn we’ve taken our passion for pins to the country to present you with the best that nature could inspire.

Gold & Diamond Bee Brooch – $4,450

Silver & Blue Enamel Butterfly Brooch – $545

Diamond & Ruby Silver Bird Brooch – $8,450

Silver & White Enamel Butterfly Brooch – $375

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