Diana Vreeland's Statement Jewellery

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With the publication earlier this year of Amanda McKenzie Stuart’s Empress of Fashion, we ask why don’t you find inspiration in the style of the fabulous Diana Vreeland.

Best known as the editor of US Vogue from 1963 to 1971 (she was also fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar before that) Vreeland had a passion for large, statement pieces of jewellery.


In an interview with, her grandson, Alexander Vreeland, said

“My grandmother believed in wearing a uniform. She would go to work every day wearing a very similar type of outfit. It might have been a very cropped Cashmere sweater, a pair of pants – she always had a certain look to her. It was always very pulled together but comfortable. It was really the jewellery that popped it.”

So this month, why don’t you raise the volume on your jewellery and make a statement of your own.

Amanda McKenzie Stuart – Empress of Fashion – Harper Collins – $28.61 through

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