Specialist Finds


There is nothing we enjoy more than the act of discovery. Unearthing a lost treasure, or finding something quirky and beautifully made is one of the primary reasons that this venture was created … the other reason is to share them with you.



With a world of antiques and design to choose from, we constantly endeavour to find and present the best range of unusual and eclectic pieces that have both a rich history and alluring visual presence.


Inherent Qualities

We seek out items that are not only the best of a particular style, but are also unique in themselves; demonstrating the skill and craftsmanship with which they were made. 


Beauty and Quality

With a variety that covers everything from Scandinavian silver and mid-century cufflinks to Oriental Antiquities and cutting-edge art, we look to the ideals of beauty and quality.  



Typical styles that you will find within our collections are Antique, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, European and Oriental, Modernist, Midcentury and Contemporary.



These are represented by a curated assortment of items including paintings, porcelain and ceramics, vintage and antique jewellery, Scandinavian and sterling silver, glassware, sculpture, table boxes, cufflinks and watches, clocks, decorative arts, and fine art from portrait miniatures and antique oil paintings, to large scaled contemporary works.