Sourcing & Research

Specialist Sourcing

Sometimes it’s good to have another set of eyes out there looking within your specialist field of collecting, for that elusive piece to complete a set, or simply to compliment your collection.  


Worldwide Network

As we are always up to date with what is happening in our industry, both here and overseas, we have the opportunity to use our exposure to the market to find things that you are looking for, but may not have the time to find, or don’t know where to begin, or just haven’t come across yet.  


Wish List

Please let us know of particular items that you are seeking, and we can add them to our “client wish list”.


Research and Identification

Also, in every collection there are mystery objects; things that have an undiscovered story to them.  

We are happy to undertake individual research projects and, because of our relationships with industry experts, we have extensive resources to explore and, hopefully reveal the stories and history behind them. 



Usually, of course, this relates to Fine Art, but we have also identified rare items of decorative arts, jewellery and even scientific instruments through appropriate research.