The Art of Fashion

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney


”If life imitates art, then why not have a fashion show in an art gallery?” was the question that Chanel asked in their Paris Ready-To-Wear parade. Aside from the expected fashion, the audience was presented with contemporary art installations featuring the luxury brand’s products and logo.

Among oversized bottles of Chanel No. 5 under Plexiglas, huge canvasses bearing the ubiquitous double C logo and the iconic purse with gold chain strap, the models were just part of this visual intersection of art and fashion; displaying Chanel’s enduring consumer appeal and the sense of humor of its artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld.

“I wanted a certain likeness between what is considered art and what is considered fashion but without the pretentious approach of it,” the ponytailed designer told journalists following the show.

On the catwalk, colour took centre stage with silk print dresses inspired by an antique German paint chart and suits that came in the usual flattering shapes but with plenty of modern detail for spring/summer 2014.

Other looks that stood out included pink knit dresses and loose black trousers with a wide black and pink woven knit around the waist. Speaking afterwards, Lagerfeld highlighted the collection’s “jackets with no front, sleeveless dresses looking like suits . . . and prints (with) over 150 colours”.

The designer said he had wanted to create a sense of light-heartedness.


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