125th Anniversary of National Geographic

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Capturing the world’s attention for 125 years: National Geographic celebrates its anniversary with a look-back at its most poignant and awe-inspiring photographs.

article-0-1846CFAD00000578-541_964x642The best of the magazine’s award-winning photojournalism is showcased in the anniversary issue, which serves as both a celebration of the magazine’s great work in the past and an introduction to what the National Geographic Society’s future holds.

article-0-1846CE7000000578-589_964x640The issue tells a visual story of the medium that National has helped to shape, and how it can impact our lives by bearing witness and giving insight to history.

‘Photography is a powerful tool and form of self-expression,’ said Chris Johns, editor in chief of National Geographic magazine. ‘Sharing what you see and experience through the camera allows you to connect, move and inspire people around the world.’

Available from newagencies this week.

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