Dining with royalty

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney


The film, Hyde Park on Hudson, explores the 1939 visit of George VI and his wife Elizabeth, to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s country house in upstate New York.

In days gone by, the amount of jewellery at a dinner party like this would define the importance of the occasion. This is a tradition we’d very much like to see revived.  After all, how will anyone know that the dinner is monumental, if you aren’t sporting Emerald & Diamond Earrings?

To highlight the earrings, we would also add an Emerald & Diamond Cocktail Ring, an Art Deco Diamond Brooch and aWhite Opal Bead & Crystal Necklace.

If you want to see how the Americans did it in that late 1930s,Hyde Park on Hudson is playing in cinemas nationwide.

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