Megan Morton talks style

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We talk to Sydney Interior Stylist, Megan Morton

1. What makes someone stylish?

To my mind, style is found in women who really know themselves. That sense of knowledge is style.

2. Describe your own style.

A hybrid of many of my style mentors but mostly derived from my time poor status. So I max out on jewellery and long skirts and hope the rest works!

3. Do you believe that her jewellery can define a women’s style?

For me, I start the day deciding on what bracelets I will wear.

4. What sort of jewellery pieces do you gravitate to?

I like the durability and aesthetics of Bakelite, enamel and naive metals.  Really, my style is a real hotchpotch of styles and price points, which pleases me, as I can mix high end and low end with ease.

5. Do you have a favourite jewellery piece?

My favourite piece is a billiard pocket tasseled cocktail bag that has a bangle fixture. Ironically I bought it from Christopher Becker more than 12 years ago when he has his divine hole in the wall store called Victoria Antiques. It’s my heirloom piece hopefully my daughters will fight over in time to come!

6. What would be your “in a perfect world” or “dream” piece of jewellery? 

Ideally, stacks of vintage enamel bracelets (in a medley of mature colours) with a bit of beaten silver and some Hermes thrown into the mix.

7. Who has influenced you most when it comes to the sort of jewellery you choose?  

Millicent Rogers. She was an American socialite, fashion icon and art collector, who was an early supporter and enthusiast of Southwestern-style art and jewellery. She was a muse for many designers.

8. Did you often raid your mother’s jewellery box when you were younger?

My mother was a banana farmer’s wife so not much inventory there!

9. Finish this sentence “Jewellery is to fashion as what is to interiors.” 

I’d definitely say a mantelpiece. So jewellery is to fashion as a mantelpiece is to interiors.

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