Victorian Gothic

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Gothic Sunday

As fashion takes a walk on the dark side this season, it seems that the Historic Houses Trust is following suit.

Always on the lookout for different ways to bring history alive, the Trust is exploring Victorian Gothic as part of their Vintage Sundays programme.

Following the example of Queen Victoria, mourning was taken very seriously in the mid 1800s. With what is perceived today as decidedly unusual mourning practices, the Victorians allowed their grief to seep onto every facet of their lives from fashion and jewellery to socializing and food.

Offering a taste of what Sundays were like at this time, Vintage Sundays will feature everything from music performances, garden games and dance lessons to culinary workshops, arts and craft making, talks and tours.

The activities this Sunday at Sydney’s Vaucluse House will range from a tour with the undertaker of William Wentworth’s mausoleum to polka lesson in the courtyard. Of particular interest to us of course is the session on the making of jet jewellery.

Over the next few months, the Sunday programme will go on to explore Victorian Sundays, Federation Sundays and Edwardian Sundays.


Gothic Sunday 11-4pm Vaucluse House – Adults: $20; Groups of four: $60; Under 18s: free

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