Best Dressed Barbie

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney

Barbie 1

She has a yacht, a townhouse and far more sports cars than a girl could ever use, but if you thought that Barbie’s life could not get any better, then you haven’t met her fashion friends.

In a collaboration with Mattel, the British fashion house, Coach, has unveiled a collector’s edition of the doll that features a head-to-toe look by the brand.

Complete with a Classic Duffle bag in red, designed in miniature proportions — Barbie’s first-ever genuine leather accessory, the doll also comes with sunglasses, shoes or a trench coat.

But don’t think for a second that these are cheap knock-offs; the bag for example has been made in the same factories and with the same leather and hardware used for Coach’s handbags.

Barbie wears a Classic Trench in tattersall over a striped sweater, an ultrasuede skirt and heels and red sunglasses from the Coach’s collection.

Mattel produced 13,000 dolls to retail for $95 each, launching on and at most Coach retailers internationally, as well as in Mattel specialty stores worldwide.

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