Antique Victorian 15k Gold and Carnelian Intaglio Ring

By antiques-art-design


An antique heavy Victorian 15k yellow gold intaglio ring consisting of a tablet of orange carnelian cut into a modified square shape with faceted corners and finely engraved with the profile of a head of a man. The intaglio is bezel set into a heavy gold signet shaped mount with richly textured shoulders of scrolls, leaves and flowers tapering to a plain flat shank at the back.  Intaglio rings such as this tended to be used as pinky rings and as men didn't usually have the same quantity of jewellery as women, they often show much more wear.  What is special about this piece, besides the amazing quality of the intaglio itself, is that it is set into a finger ring and remains in its period setting and is in great condition - unmarked verified and tested using X ray spectrometry - total weight 15.4grms - overall dimensions of face 16 x 16mm - current ring size W AU/UK (US 11 1/8) - c.1880 Europe. Condition notes: The small black spots seen on both the back and front of the intaglio are natural inclusions in the stone and should not be considered flaws or faults but an inherent quality of the materials used.

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