Vintage Swedish WA Bolin silver samorodok dish 1950s

By antiques-art-design


An extremely rare vintage solid silver samorodok round dish of a freeform rounded shape and raised on a polished footrim - the dish's decoration is achieved by using a very rare and unusual technique - the nuggety texture, often compared with elephant skin, is obtained by heating the metal just short of melting point and then rapidly cooling the item by immersing it in freezing water - it is a technique that requires a lot of skill and is often seen used by top Russian makers of boxes and cases in the late 19th century - marked to the outside of the footrim WA Bolin for WA Bolin jewellers to the Royal Court of Sweden and Swedish hallmarks for Stockholm and 1958 Bolin - total weight 131grms - dimensions maximum diameter 124mm height 19mm - Sweden 1958

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