Antique Victorian micro mosaic gold malachite brooch and earring set signed

By antiques-art-design


A rare antique oval Grand Tour micro mosaic brooch and earring set decorated with very fine oval micro mosaic panels of temples and ruins set in malachite and bezel set in an 18k yellow gold frame with a complex Etruscan wirework border - the brooch depicts the Forum with the surviving corner of the Temple of Vespasian and Titus dominating the image with the Arch of Septimus Severus visible to the right hand side and the Temple of Saturn to the left. The earrings show the Pantheon and the Temple of Hercules Victor - these intricate and delicate pictures created from thousands of pieces of differently coloured glass called tesserae were a popular souvenir from trips to Italy  - this set is unusual not only for its immaculate condition and the less common subject matter and malachite setting but also because it is fully mounted and signed in Italy, usually these pieces were taken back unmounted to be set by the family jeweller at home - marked G37P for Giuseppe Pompei (1862-1870) and Vatican State marks for Rome - total weight of the set 33 grms  - brooch 26.1grms - earrings 6.9grms - dimensions  of brooch 50mm x 43mm including brooch mount - dimensions of earrings 21 x 18mm - total earring length measurement including hook 26mm - Europe c.1865

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