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Life’s a play: it’s not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters”


Selection of gold pieces, clockwise from L, 14k gold and 30ct aquamarine bracelet $15000, 9k gold rope twist hoops $295, 9k yellow gold fringe gatelink necklace $3950, quartz and 15k gold brooch $875, citrine 18k gold cocktail ring $2250, 9k gold "x" hoops $295, 9k wide gold hoops $545.

Hello there,
This newsletter we celebrate October and the move towards long summer days. With Christmas on the horizon, we are getting in new stock weekly and offer complimentary gift wrapping. If you are after a particular piece or special gift, please contact us with your request.
Thank you to everyone that came to the AAADA Sydney Antiques & Art Fair.  It was a wonderful turn out this year, with plenty to see.  

AAADA Spring Series talk

Every Spring, the AAADA holds a series of talks that gives you an opportunity to learn more about a particular period, or designer, and the chance to see objects up close which are being discussed. Held on Thursday 3rd November, Christopher Becker will be presenting a seminar on Jensen Jewellery: Then & Now, covering Georg Jensen's earlier designs to contemporary pieces today. For more information and details on tickets and venue, please go to 
From L to R: Georg Jensen silver concave thumbprint brooch $645, Georg Jensen flower motif silver bracelet $1450
The Melbourne Fair 2016

Opening Thursday 24th November and running until Sunday 27th November, the2016 Melbourne Fair is showcasing a vast range of objects, both antique and 20th Century, and will be held at the Caulfield Racecourse. We are very excited about presenting at this new event in Melbourne, and if you are interested in joining us, please contact us for tickets before 9 November 2016 via email and provide the following information: name, postal address and contact number, and we will send out an invitation. For more details regarding the Melbourne Fair and the exciting line-up of dealers, please go to the following link:
From L to R: Georg Jensen Archive Collection silver conical link bracelet $2750, Anton Michelsen silver four colour fringe necklace $2450, Hans Hansen chocolate drop silver cufflinks $795, Vagn Hemmingsen fire gilded silver cuff $1850.
Blowing out the Candles in October...
Thatcher orders the food, Groucho gets the lowdown from Gates, Pavarotti tackles Pele, Nobel has a blast, Lennon & Trotsky make other plans…
The Days of October
October, the tenth month of the year in the modern calendar, retains its name from the Roman Calendar in which octo means eight – it was the eighth month until January and February were invented in response to the overwhelming demand for fireworks and long-stem roses that caused Pope Julian to act decisively in 1582. So from the start it’s had identity issues which persist in the 21st century - October is both Vegetarian and Eat Country Ham Month in the US, for the uncommitted it’s also Pizza Month (with a vegetarian option).

October has thirty-one days, each of which is earmarked for celebration, commemoration or awareness-raising. The 1st is Ghost Hunting Day, the 3rd is dedicated to Virus Appreciation, the 5th is Do Something Nice Day (“as you were” on the other 364). One is encouraged to be Bald & Free on the 7th, drink a Frappe on the 8th, eat Mouldy Cheese on the 9th and either Kick Butt, Bank Online or buy a Handbag on the 10th.  You’re invited to Come Out on the 11th and computer maintenance is encouraged on the 12th, Moment of Frustration Day, but if it all gets too much it’s also the day to kick back and appreciate Old Farmers. The whole world appreciates Eggs on the 14th,  the 21st is earmarked for Counting Buttons and the 25th for Eating Pasta. The 28th is Plush Animal Lovers Day, which is no teddy bears’ picnic for the uninitiated and let’s hear it for the Hermits on the 29th, not that they care one way or the other. Finally, after the orgy of self-congratulation on the 30th, National Publicists’ Day, Halloween is a welcome relief on the 31st (that is if you remembered to take a break from grinding Mincemeat and driving Mules to observe National Pumpkin Day on the 26th) when  you finally get to meet the ghosts you went searching for on the 1st.

Lorna Lesley
From L to R: White gold aquamarine and diamond ring $12500, aquamarine and ruby rose gold cocktail ring $8750
“The lovely aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house in the depths of a summer sea, has charms not to be denied

Throughout history this precious gemstone has been valued for its beauty, healing powers and mystical properties. Ancient Romans considered aquamarine jewellery to be the most appropriate morning gift from a groom to his bride. Early Christian travellers associated the gem with the peripatetic St Thomas and wore it as a good luck charm.  In Medieval times it was believed to render soldiers invincible and re-awaken the love of married couples. Mystics claimed it aided divination and healers recommended wearing it as a curative for diseases of the eye, belching, yawning, toothache, laziness, truculence and procrastination.  In treacherous 14th century Europe, royalty wore aquamarines as an antidote for poison, in 20th century America, Hollywood royalty wore them for the glamour. 

In 1953, in a stroke of pre-instagram product placement genius, Getulio Vargas, the President of Brazil, the world’s largest producer of the stones, presented the young Queen Elizabeth with a necklace and earrings set with aquamarines as a coronation gift. She liked them so much she bought the bracelet, brooch and tiara to match. 

Lorna Lesley
Retro 14k yellow gold and 30ct aquamarine bracelet $15000
The Last Word…

Those who read too much. 
... an incurable condition but thankfully not fatal.
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