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Best known for her cult novel Fabulous Nobodies, and as founding editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Lee Tulloch and her husband, renowned photographer Tony Amos, have just launched their new online travel magazine

Photo - Tony Amos

Photo – Tony Amos

1. How do you define style? What makes someone stylish?

I think too many people forget that style is not simply about appearances. It’s about graciousness and demeanor, more than about what you put on your body. In certain situations the most stylish thing you can wear is a smile.

2. Describe your own style

Simple and dramatic. Sometimes camp.

3. Do you believe that a woman’s style can be defined by her jewellery?

Absolutely! I think it’s an important code to understanding a woman.

4. What sort of jewellery pieces do you gravitate to? 

I’m a statement piece kind of girl. I love anything big and showy. I love vintage costume jewellery, especially cuffs and bracelets from the 1930s through to the 50s. I wear big rings, lots of silver and some very, very, in-your-face pieces. I hardly have anything ‘real’ except for a gold acorn the novelist Barbara Cartland gave me thirty years ago!

5. Describe the sort of jewellery you wear most frequently? 

I do wear a lot of chunky silver and prefer it to gold. I have two favourite pieces – a silver tin hand-painted necklace by Melbourne artist Kate Durham (from the 1980s) a very modern piece by Anthony Capon, who won a season of Project Runway Australia. It’s a series of big leather crosses hanging off cords.

6. What would be your “in a perfect world” or “dream” piece of jewellery?

An Elsa Perretti cuff or a vintage Cartier panther.

7. Who has influenced you most when it comes to the sort of jewellery you choose? 

Rosalind Russell in ‘Aunty Mame’.

8. Did you often raid your mother’s jewellery box when you were younger?

Yes, but it was the 1960s and most of it was big plastic beads.

9. What travel locations have you been to that you consider to be hidden gems?

Sri Lanka. It’s the pearl of the East. Gorgeous.

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