Chris Becker in Vogue Living

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney

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Vogue Living this month have featured the home of our very own Christopher Becker. This sneak peak into Christopher’s style shows the casual elegance that can be achieved by combining antique and modern furniture, art and design.

Produced by Megan Morton and photographed by Prue Ruscoe, the feature shows that it is more than just the look but also the history behind furniture and decorative arts that gives a distinct character to a room.

As the article points out Christopher’s style “…spans eras and design movements as aesthetically diverse as 17th-century France, 19th-century Japan and 1930s Hollywood”.

Both Christopher and Ian Hadlow can easily advise on how to start collecting yourself or even how to create this sort of look in your home. If you’d like more information contact either of them at our three rooms store in Paddington NSW or call (02) 89649111.

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