Cleopatra's 50th

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The Cannes Film Festival this year put on quite a show as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the film Cleopatra. It could be said that the screening of the film and the after party were more a celebration of Elizabeth Taylor than the film itself which, in it’s day, practically sent 20th Century Fox broke.

For Elizabeth Taylor the Cleopatra period combined her two great loves –her (to be twice) husband Richard Burton and some of the finest jewels she was to own.


The organisers of the Cleopatra party obviously had the same idea, as they had a number of her most famous jewels on display. The first thing that the guests saw as they entered the space was the emerald-and-platinum necklace that Burton gave Liz for their 1964 wedding.

But the party wasn’t the only place where Taylor’s jewels were to be seen. Zero Dark Thirty actress, Jessica Chastain, wore her Sapphire and Diamond necklace on the Festival’s Red Carpet.

Taylor jewels

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