Modernist Masterworks and their Makers

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Films like The Great Gatsby give us a great appreciation for the enormous design influence the Art Deco movement brought to jewellery. So we thought it was a good time to bring out the 2009 book Art Deco: Modernist Masterworks and their Makers.

Superbly illustrated, the book offers a comprehensive view of jewellery made between 1910 and 1937. Featuring some famous names we still recognize today, it also restores other notable makers to their proper place in one of the most stylish and creative eras for beautiful jewelry.

Drawing on public and private collections worldwide, the book includes some of the best-known pieces of Art Deco jewelry, together with many original drawings and designs. Everyone, from specialist to general readers, will be entranced and seduced by this dazzling and rare collection of jewels.

Art Deco Jewelry – Modernist Masterworks and their Makers is written by Evelyne Possum

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