Adopt the individuality of Jean Muir

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney

Muir 1

Jean Muir was not only known for her fashion design but also her signature look. Small and bird-like, standing barely five foot high, she always wore her hair in a Louise Brooks bob, did her make-up in a late 1960s Biba-style and always dressed in deep navy.

Muir was ‘a designer’s designer’, admired by the likes of Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Giorgio Armani. She received countless awards in Europe, the UK, the US and Asia. She continually held the attention and respect of fashion critics, and worked with some of the world’s most established photographers.

She has been hailed as the greatest dressmaker in the world, in a league with Madame Grès, Chanel and Vionnet. Yet for all her skill, it was her personal style that captured the fashion world’s imagination.

So, why don’t you … find a signature colour or piece of jewellery that you wear regularly and be remembered for your personal style.

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