Karl Lagerfeld dresses Cate Blanchett

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Cate Blanchett is one of those actresses that every fashion designer wants to dress. Whether she is wearing Balenciaga or Givenchy, she exudes a classic grace.

So when we heard that Karl Lagerfeld was dressing Cate Blanchett, we knew it was the perfect (fashion) storm.

The Chanel Creative Director exclaimed that he would ”do anything” for the stunning actress and sent her two bespoke jackets to wear in the new Woody Allen-directed drama, ‘Blue Jasmine’, in which she plays a rich, luxury-obsessed New York City housewife.

“I called up Karl Lagerfeld and, I have to tell you, I was astounded,” costume designer Suzy Benzinger told Lucky Magazine. “I sent a note and in two days he shipped out two custom made jackets for Cate Blanchett with the most beautiful note. And I just thought, ‘Oh my god,’ and he just said ‘For Cate, I’d do anything'”.

“When the jackets arrived, I said, ‘How could he do this?’ It was right during the fashion shows and everything, and he turned them around and sent them to me. Cate put it on and it was perfect.”

The jacket in question is a classic white bouclé style with navy trim, which Blanchett can be seen wearing in the film’s trailer. Thankfully, the number fitted perfectly with Allen’s classic costume mentality.

“He wants his films to be timeless,” explains Benzinger. “He doesn’t want you to look at one of his films five years from now and say, ‘Oh, that was so trendy. That was so five years ago.’ He loves the classic stuff; that’s just the way he is.”

Blanchett also wears gorgeous couture from Valentino and Carolina Herrera but the Chanel was a favourite on set.

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