Can design save the world?

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This is the question posed by the Powerhouse Museum as they present Design Sydney. Held over the next two weeks, the event will present more than 75 inspiring exhibitions, workshops, talks, installations and tours in a city-wide program set to stimulate conversation and creativity.

George Nelson, Marshmallow Sofa, 1956. Photo: Vitra

George Nelson, Marshmallow Sofa, 1956. Photo: Vitra

Featured events include an exploration of the visionary work of George Nelson, designer, architect, author and passionate photographer. As Design Director of Herman Miller, Nelson created classics of modern furniture and interior design such as the Ball Clock (1947), the Coconut Chair (1956), the Marshmallow Sofa (1956 above), Bubble Lamps (starting in 1952) and Action Office (1964).

Also included is the 3 x 3 x 3 challenge, where three designs teams are given three societal problems that they need to solve in a 3 x 3 x 3 metre space.

Neil Schofield will facilitate a discussion on the question of whether clever design can save the world.

For more information on Design Sydney go the Sydney Design website.

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