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And speaking of the English … if you have been having strong withdrawls from the Julian Fellowes period drama Downton Abbey, then you’ll be delighted by the commercialization of the series.

A “range of products” inspired by the beloved program, including fashion, furniture, and accessories, were well under way, with their release expected for late September (to coincide with the UK fourth season premiere).


Despite many designers using the series as inspiration, since it first aired in the UK in 2010, the show’s bosses wanted to wait until the series was a hit in the US before branching out with their merchandise. Viewing figures didn’t really pick up in America until series three – of which the finale drew a record audience of 7.9 million for channel PBS.

“In retail terms, the first series launched the program and the brand, the second year ratified it and the show didn’t even hit its high point in the US until this year when series three ended,” said Gareth Nearne, Downton Abbey’s executive producer.”It’s very rare for a British drama to have this much retail potential and merchandising value [in the US].”confirmed Nearne, Downton Abbey’s executive producer.

It is believed that the range will launch in Macys and next month.

The show will also make its debut in China later this year.

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