Outdoor Hotel Rooms

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney


Hotel rooms have always used art on their walls to show features of their location, but imagine if the whole city was not only your artwork but also your walls. In New York this is the new definition of luxury accommodation.

The AKA Central Park offers an outdoor bedroom on a 1,000-square foot terrace on the 17th floor penthouse, so you can experience not just being in the city, but truly being part of it.

“It’s basically being able to sleep under the stars in a luxury setting,” Jeffrey Poirot, the general manager at AKA Central park.

The room carries a rate of about $2,000 a night and includes a regular bedroom set-up outside, including a queen bed, fireplace, television and even a telescope, allowing guests to look at the stars.

“The access to the city, being in the middle of the city and having this kind of atmosphere, it’s fantastic,” Poirot continues. “There’s a sense of privacy up here, too. Today’s travelers are really looking for unique experiences”.

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