Rush to the cinema for Gucci

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In a life imitating art imitating life moment, Gucci is taking a trip back to 1970s chic in the new Ron Howard film Rush.

Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini has signed-on to dress Olivia Wilde and Chris Hemsworth for the biopic about ‘70s Austrian Formula 1 champ, James Hunt.

“The ‘70s has always been a decade that has inspired me greatly, so it was extremely exciting to be asked by Ron Howard to help design wardrobes for Rush,” Giannini told Women’s Wear Daily.

Giannini, the woman behind Gucci’s Chime for Change initiative, tapped the design house’s archives to find inspiration for the film. Notably, the results include a boho style, off-the-shoulder maxi dress, and a stylish fur-trimmed coat paired with knee-high boots and a purple topper for Wilde, and belted coat thrown over flared plaid pants for Hemsworth.

“It is hard to think of a more glamorous profession than being a racing driver in the ‘70s,” Giannini continued. James Hunt’s style is full of animal sensuality, perfectly brought out by Hemsworth in the period-evoking outfits.

So if you are not able to sit front and centre at the next Gucci parade, Rush might be the next best thing,

“[Miller’s style] is the essence of Gucci as it captures the mixture of sexy allure and innocent naturalness that defined the style of the time,” concluded Giannini.

Rush opens in cinemas nationally next week.

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