Technology seen in windows on Fifth Avenue

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney

Saks-Fifth-Ave-Windows-2012-21Giving visitors a chance to become part of the store’s upcoming holiday window display, the department store chain, Saks Fifth Avenue, have designed a new mobile site that takes interactive to a whole new level.

The windows this year tell the story of the Yeti, which is rumoured to live on top of the Saks Fifth Avenue building making snowflakes. The mobile site that allows users to create their own Yeti name, customize a snowflake and flick it up from their phone or tablet onto screens in the display.

“We like to interact with people that are viewing our windows and make them truly a part of the spectacle,” said Harry Cunningham, senior vice president of store planning and visual merchandising for the store.

“The Saks Yeti is a somewhat mysterious guy, and we wanted to give him a little time on stage, his ‘fifteen minutes of fame,’ if you will,” Mr Cunningham said.

Six animated windows tell “The Yeti Story,” following the creature’s journey from his life in Siberia as a neglected snow maker to his eventual growth to snowflake artist atop the iconic New York flagship.

An additional window features a White Diamond Cadillac, a limited-edition model made exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue consumers, which appears to be breaking out of a block of ice, its LED headlights shining through the frost.

Starting on Nov 25, users can visit Saks to design their own snowflake and add it to the display of existing snowflakes.

Accompanying the windows will be the annual 3-D light show. The “Snowflake Spectacular” will play on the side of the building each night, mimicking the story in the windows with snowflakes, skaters, gifts and the Yeti.

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