An enchanting production of Mozart's The Magic Flute

  • By Antiques-Art-Design Sydney


If you go down to the woods today, you might find a pure-hearted prince and his feathered sidekick en route to rescue a damsel in distress; a queen atop her starry throne; mysterious temples, dancing bears and a levitating picnic. If in danger, just follow the sound of the flute.

No, it’s not Disney – this is opera. Welcome to Mozart’s imagination-run-wild, in a playground on the path to enlightenment, brought to life with spellbinding costumes and effects from Julie Taymor, director of Broadway sensation Disney’s The Lion King.

For The Magic Flute, Mozart truly embraced his inner child and in Julie Taymor’s anything-is-possible production she reaches out to everyone’s inner child. A nine-metre serpent, towering polar bears and hundreds of props painstakingly hand-crafted bring a kaleidoscope of colour and whimsy to favourites like the stratospheric Queen of the Night’s Arias and Papageno’s cheery pipe song.

Julie Taymor’s unique aesthetic extends to every part of the show from costumes to props to hair and even make-up. “It’s a wonderful piece of theatre,” says director Matthew Barclay, “and a work of art in every dimension – costumes, puppetry, choreography, lighting and scenic design – together they create a magical storytelling world worthy of Mozart’s extraordinary musical imagination.”

For more information go to Sydney Opera House

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