November 2015 Newsletter #2

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The Virtue of the Crossover Hat (see below for details)




“We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know”                                                                       

W. H. Auden
Hello there,
The annual AAADA 2015 Sydney Antiques Fair was a great event and it was lovely to see many of you there.  Hope you found some treasures and goodies.  Come by and see what's new in store for Christmas; we have some fabulous new pieces just waiting to be worn.
Follow us on instagram @antiques_art_design to see what's new in store each week coming up to Christmas. You may be already be aware that we always offer complimentary gift wrapping with purchase and of course this will continue throughout the Christmas season.  Look forward to seeing you soon. 
The AAADA is currently presenting Spring Series 2015; an Antiques Seminar Programme consisting of a series of workshops designed to let you know more about antiques and how to be a better collector. Don't miss Christopher's talk on Thursday 19 November at 6pm, held at Grafton Galleries in Rushcutters Bay.  Focusing on Frozen forms - Scandinavian silver 1945-1980, Christopher will discussing influential artists and makers such as Georg Jensen, Hans Hansen, Anton Michelsen and other prominent designers from this period.
Tickets are $40, including a complimentary glass of wine, and can be purchased through
November Birthday Dinner for Eight…
Leon Trotsky and Winston Churchill break the ice, Tina Turner and Johnny Mercer harmonise with Ludwig Von Beethoven, Calvin Klein adores Marie Antionette’s hat…also present Marina Abramovic.
Various flower and foliage inspired earrings: (from top left to right)
David Andersen blue enamel pansy clip earrings
Norwegian red enamel flower clip earrings
Jade, diamond and 14k gold leaf clip earrings
Anton Michelsen white enamel daisy clip earrings
The Dressmaker
A new Australian comedy drama film, directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, and based on the novel by Rosalie Ham.  It stars Kate Winslet playing the role of the glamorous dressmaker, Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage, who returns to a small Australian town, complete with a Singer machine, to take care of her ailing, mentally unstable mother.  The film explores the theme of revenge, love and creativity with great spirit and fabulous costuming.  Screening now at Palace, Dendy and major cinemas.
The Virtue of the Crossover Hat…
As we head towards summer and when hopefully, we might experience more than two days in a row of similar weather, you may be tempted to reach for your sunglasses and hat, maybe even a crossover hat for some protection against the elements…. but it has to be said “Things aren’t what they used to be”....

When the settlers in the American west finally settled and the prospectors struck gold, they holstered their weapons, scraped the dust off their boots and set their minds to building. A town with stores and saloons now had a church, a courthouse, a school, and that signifier of a truly cultured citizenry, a theatre, often with the grand title of “Opera House”

Built with enthusiasm but without expertise, these temples of culture were often found wanting. When the acting troupes arrived with their sets, they found that, while the seating was commodious, the stages were small; so small in fact, that there wasn’t enough room behind the scenery for the actors to cross from one side of the stage to the other unseen. In the spirit of American knowhow, calamity was averted, with the creation of the “crossover hat”.

This convention meant that when an actor exited stage left with a flourish only to reappear shortly thereafter wearing a particular hat, the audience accepted that he wasn’t part of the scene but was merely in the process off taking up his position for his next entrance stage right. This tacit agreement ensured the smooth progress of the drama, and a continuation of the suspension of disbelief necessary for any satisfactory night out in the theatre.

This ingenious item of millinery has gone the way of corsets and hooped skirts but it still has appeal. There are times when we could all do with the anonymity and goodwill embodied in the notion of the crossover hat – not to be invisible, to be in plain sight, but nonetheless excused.

By Lorna Lesley
Tis nearly the season…
The first decorations went up in September
Kids count down the days
Too long to wait!
Clutching lists of gifts and ingredients
Parents fret
Not a minute to spare!
For the jacarandas
It’s all over by Christmas
Original poem by Lorna Lesley
We have had such great response to our wall.  We currently have some brackets in stock or can source more, please call to enquire if you are interested.

The Last Word…
Decorative trimming such as tassels, braid, and fringing, used on furniture and clothing.
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